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MEGAFLOPMillion Floating Point Operations Per Second
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Compared with the CRAY T3E system's cost of $166 per megaflop, a CRAY T3E-1200 supercomputer with the same configuration costs only $64 per megaflop, representing a 2.
New features on the CRAY T3E-1200 supercomputer include a 600MHz processor, increased memory bandwidth, and improved price/performance, as low as $64 per megaflop.
On balance, Eraser is considerably better than the megaflop The Last Action Hero but nowhere near as good as the brilliant True Lies.
DOWN at ITV's megaflop Marco's Kitchen Burnout, silly headscarf boy Pierre White is vowing to make dinner for every single viewer.
Not since his disastrous turn hosting ITV's megaflop Tycoon has the unfortunate Mr Jones looked so ludicrous.
Cray said the systems have an affordable entry price, starting at under $1 million and a price/performance as low as $60 per megaflop (million floating-point operations per second).
The efficiency of SGI ICE X enables greater megaflops per watt to achieve world-class results with less power and operational costs.
21 megawatts and delivers 2,143 megaflops per watt.
Not surprising, really, after the times boxing fans have had fingers, arms, legs and just about every other bit burned by megaflops - the last being the Audley Harrison debacle when the ref stopped it to save viewers from further punishment.
2 TeraFLOPS Linpack score at 736 MegaFLOPS per watt at a PUE of only 1.