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MEHPMarine Ecosystem Health Program (now SeaDoc Society; University of California-Davis)
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Our study suggested that the amount of melted DEHP and MEHP would be even higher when infusion sets in S- line exposed to temperatures at 39-40C.
Until now, no one had done such a study on the effects of exposure to doses of MEHP in adult mice while they were still in utero.
Pubertal jinekomasti hastalarinda plazma DEHP duzeyleri 4,67[+ or -]1,58 ppm ve plazma MEHP duzeyleri 3,19[+ or -]1,41 ppm olarak tayin edilmis ve bu degerlerin kontrol grubuna kiyasla (DEHP: 3,1[+ or -]0,90 ppm ve MEHP: 1,39[+ or -]0,36 ppm) onemli olcude (p<0,05) yuksek oldugu bulunmustur (14).
In an upcoming Environmental Health Perspectives, the researchers report that the 65 newborns in the study who had detectable blood concentrations of MEHP were born after an average of 38.
We did not quantify urine concentrations of MEHP, MnBP, and MiBP at 1-3 y of age because we detected the parent compounds of these metabolites in the diaper inserts.
We hypothesize that the acute and short-term exposure to DEHP in an intravenous form and lack of significant conversion of DEHP to MEHP may be protective against its long-term side effects.
We created heatmaps for better visualization of the estimated percent change (% change) in the urinary concentrations associated with each PCP use based on LMEM (or Tobit models for MEHP and butylparaben).
Among women who identified as other race/ethnicity, DEHP metabolites were inversely associated with total 25(OH)D, with a significant association observed for MEHP (%[DELTA] = -8.
Compared with two other representative EDCs, tributyltin (TBT) and bisphenol A (BPA), MEHP more drastically alters the cellular metabolic profile, while also eliciting a pro-inflammatory response in a dose-dependent fashion.
Because DEHP metabolites are highly correlated, and the strongest associations observed with all preterm birth were for MEHP and MECPP, MEHHP and MEOHP were not examined separately in this analysis.
We detected a significant inverse relationship between MEHP and TSH, where an IQR increase in MEHP was associated with a 5.