MEHQMonomethyl Ether of Hydroquinone
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This collaboration continues to provide Samsung's customers with services that meets the needs and tastes of all music lovers on the move," said Neeraj Seth, Marketing Manager -- Mobile Phones, Samsung MEHQ.
When used at the recommended 200- to 500-ppm levels, PTZ is said to provide greater stability at lower cost than either MEHQ or TBHQ stabilizers.
Materials with sources of supply utilized in this study are listed as follows: deionized water, n-butyl methacrylate (99+%), 10-55 ppm MEHQ (nBMA) (Aldrich); methacrylic acid (99%), 250 ppm MEHQ (MAA) (Aldrich); n-butyl acrylate (99%), 10-55 ppm MEHQ (nBA) (Aldrich); 1,3-butylene glycol dimethacrylate, 200 ppm MEHQ (1,3-BGDMA) (Aldrich); diacetone acrylamide, 99% (DAA) (Aldrich); adipic dihydrazide, 98% (ADDH) (Aldrich); sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) [RHODAPON UB (30%), Rhone-Poulenc]; ammonium persulfate (Certified A,C.