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MEHRIMilton and Ethel Harris Research Initiative (York University; Canada)
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Representing the Iranian-American groups, lawyer Cyrus Mehri said no other court in the country has the "robust record" that shows the harm caused by the ban.
Dans cette region frontaliere, au sud-est du pays, la Ville aux mille coupoles reve d'un destin touristique a portee des projets au concret, telle la realisation du village touristique La Gazelle d'or Resort and Spa d'El Oued, propriete du groupe Djilali Mehri, et officiellement inaugure par le Premier ministre, a l'effet de [beaucoup moins que]redynamiser les activites economiques et commerciales dans cette region, de creer des postes d'emploi indirects et de promouvoir le tourisme saharien algerien[beaucoup plus grand que].
De forma totalmente inesperada, una amiga comun, Mehri, tambien aparecio--Javad bajo la voz.
The trial, led by Mehri Jamilian and Zatollah Asemi, Ph.
Founded in 2003 by Djamel Mehri of the Mehri Family, a prominent diversified family conglomerate, Cepro has grown to become the fourth largest player in the Algerian baby diaper segment in terms of marketshare.
Founded in 2003 by Djamel Mehri of the Mehri Family, a family conglomerate in Algeria with businesses in the hospitality, telecommunications and FMCG sectors, CEPRO has grown to become the fourth largest player in the baby diapers segment by market share in Algeria.
Abraaj, in partnership with Cepro's founding Mehri family, will draw on its significant investment expertise to increase production capacity and efficiency, diversify Cepro's product offering, enhance marketing efforts through a new branding strategy, and expand its network by developing new distribution channels in Algeria and sub-Saharan Africa, the companies said in a statement.
FLAG DAY Iranian schoolgirls wave their national flag during the country's celebrations of the 36th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Tehran's Azadi Square (Freedom Square) in February Picture Behrouz Mehri
Testifying via video conference link, his face and voice obscured, the witness claimed he had lived across the street from Mehri's father, Habib Mehri, next to the Hezbollah Shura Council in Haret Hreik.
Ambassador Al- Mehri expressed his happiness over opening the Permanent Observation Mission of the Cooperation Council to the Office of United Nations and its affiliated bodies in Geneva that would develop relations with the United Nations and its specialized agencies in all fields.