MEICMontana Environmental Information Center (est. 1973)
MEICMulticenter Evaluation of In-vitro Cytotoxicity
MEICMaine Energy Investment Corporation (Brunswick, ME)
MEICMovimento Ecclesiale d'Impegno Culturale (Italy)
MEICMiddle East Intelligence Centre
MEICMatsushita Electric Industries Corporation, Ltd. (Japan)
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HB 5485 provides that the MEIC shall be obtained only from bonding or insurance companies duly accredited by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
The MEIC will include a comprehensive line-up of speakers from some of the world's top financial organisations and educational institutions including:
In addition to continuing to build upon its assets and enhance its plan to become a classic rock subscription service, RockWindow and MEIC will build upon the extensive radio industry experience as a DJ that the CEO of RockWindow, Marcus Hause, has, as he will play a central role in the development of radio talk show segments for sale to satellite radio companies such as Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio.
Michael Marcovsky, Chairman and CEO of MEIC stated, "With extensive radio industry experience as a DJ, Mr.
Marcovsky went on to say, "While we have, as OTC Company Reporter wrote 'adopted a base hit' strategy for [our] specialty programming, I feel that the acquisition of RockWindow is a home run that provides MEIC with a great opportunity to enter the burgeoning broadband content distribution world with a product having broad appeal.
MEIC creates synergies by exploiting both traditional and emerging distribution channels.
MEIC Stevens, Tecwyn Ifan, Yr Ods and Llwybr Llaethog will be among those performing at next weekend's Gweyl Gwydir Festival in Llanrwst.
MEIC is well known for its frivolous lawsuits, both in and out of campaigns and, quite frankly, we didn't expect this campaign to be any different.
Robin Seymour, President of Opportunity stated, "The acquisition of Opportunity Productions by MEIC has enabled us to leverage our experience to produce and air infomercials for three very promising products.