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MEIDMobile Equipment Identifier
MEIDMinimum Embryonal Infective Doses
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Knowing the ESN, IMEI (international mobile equipment identifier) or MEID number and the cell phone provider is essential when determining a device's validity.
A MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) or IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) number may be needed instead, depending on the device.
For some equipment, an IMEI (international mobile equipment identifier) or MEID (mobile equipment identifier) number is used instead.
Key topics to be discussed during the Forum include: -- Identifying Key Indicators for CDMA Network Performance -- Software Compliance and Test Automation -- Device Test Automation -- Handset and Network Test Process Tools and Management -- CDMA Certification Forum - Mobile Device Certification -- Key Testing Challenges - MEID, Receive Diversity and A-GPS over CDMA2000(R) 1xEV-DO -- Monitoring Network and Service Performance -- Measuring Traffic Though Repeaters in CDMA Networks -- Competitive Benchmarking WHO: Confirmed presenting companies include: CDMA Certification Forum, Comarco Wireless Test Solutions, CTIA, Dyaptive Systems Inc.
All a user needs to know is the phone's serial number, which is labeled either as an ESN, MEID IMEI, as well as the mobile provider.