MEIMMultigroup Ethnic Identity Measure
MEIMMaster of Entertainment Industry Management (Carnegie Mellon University)
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There were statistically significant differences in mean scores for the MEIM (F=28.
The MEIM was developed as a means for measuring ethnic identity across diverse samples.
The revised MEIM was found to have construct validity, correlating with other measures of psychological well-being (Roberts et al.
Consistent with this hypothesis, a significant negative correlation between the MEIM and the HMI was found (r = -.
In order to understand the construct of ethnic identity, the total ethnic identity score of the MEIM was correlated with its subscales (affirmation-belonging, identity achievement, ethnic behaviors, and other group activities) across grades and gender.
TABLE 1 Number of participants by gender and grade Gender Grade Male Female Total 4 7 5 12 5 4 2 6 6 10 1 11 7 2 1 3 8 2 3 5 Total 25 12 37 TABLE 2 Correlations between MEIM subscales and grade levels Affirmation-- Identity Ethnic Group Belonging Achievement Behaviors Activities Ethnic identity Elementary .
The MEIM consists of four items concerning ethnicity (open-ended, multiple choice, ethnicity of father, and ethnicity of mother) and 12 five-point rating items measuring two factors: (1) Ethnic Identity Search, and (2) Affirmation, Belonging, and Commitment (Phinney, 1992).
The MEIM, distributed to the Koraci Nade group as well as to the comparison group, rendered the following mean scores, score range, and standard deviations (see Table 2).
The MEIM was normed with 407 high school adolescents and 136 college-aged students (Phinney, 1992).
The subscales of the MEIM (EIS and OGIS) and the SMAS (EGIS and DGIS) were parceled out to create separate measures of ethnic identity and acculturation.
The ethnic categorization was accomplished by using the MEIM, which asks the open-ended question, "What is your ethnicity?
After completing the demograhic information, MEIM, and Self-Construal Questionnaire, the children then read the three vignettes describing stressful situations.