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MEJAMilitary Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act
MeJAMethyl Jasmonate
MEJAMichael Evans and Jeff Arnal (improvisational music duet)
MEJAMiddle East Journal of Anesthesiology (American University of Beirut; Lebanon)
MEJAMarceau Evans Johnson Architects (British Columbia, Canada)
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But MEJA has a jurisdictional gap: it does not apply defendants who are citizens of or "ordinarily resident[s]" in the "host nation.
Only twelve people, few of whom were military contractors, have been charged under MEJA since its inception.
2004 Post-independence Disillusionment in Contemporary African Fiction: The Example of Meja Mwangi's Kill Me Quick.
In this research we investigated the effect of AgNPs and MeJA on secondary metabolites (anthocyanin and flavonoid), membrane lipid peroxidation, DPPH radical scavenging activity and the essential oil components of A.
first through passing MEJA and then amending the UCMJ, the laws have not
This primer addresses the unique challenges of referring a case for prosecution under MEJA from an area of contingency operations.
In support of their argument, the defendants pointed out that the statutory language of MEJA very specifically defines "employed by," (83) and furthermore, because the defendants' contract was with the U.
99) MEJA extended jurisdiction to those "employed by or accompanying the Armed Forces outside the United States.
The indictment represents the first prosecution under the Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act (MEJA) to be filed against non-Defense Department private contractors, which was not possible prior to the 2004 amendments to MEJA that specifically expanded the reach of MEJA to non-Defense Department contractors who provide services "in support of the mission of the Department of Defense overseas.
MEJA created a new federal crime for felonies (crimes punishable by more than one year imprisonment) committed "within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States" occurring overseas.