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MELDMayo End-Stage Liver Disease
MELDMulticultural Enhanced Learning for Diversity (Pennsylvania State University)
MELDMiddle Eastern Languages Division (American Translators Association)
MELDMouse Equivalent Lethal Dose
MELDModel End-Stage Liver Disease
MELDMinnesota Early Learning Design (parental education)
MELDMid and East Lothian Drugs (counseling service; UK)
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With MELD on their devices, single black professionals no longer need to sit on the sidelines while waiting to find love online.
These excellent results persuaded the United Network for Organ Sharing to modify MELD scores, allowing higher transplant priority for patients with HCC who meet the Milan criteria.
The Meld community will offer embedded Linux engineers a compelling connected environment to find and share valuable information, engineering experiences, and collaborate on best practices," said Chris Rommel, Analyst in VDC's Embedded Software and Tools Practice.
The MT300 is an excellent compliment to a digital media player because it eliminates the complexity, clutter and restrictions of connecting cables," said Jordan DuVal, President/CEO of MELD.
The most likely explanation for this disparity is that deceased donor livers are preferentially retained for transplantation in the local OPO,* where the number of patients with high MELD scores is smaller than that in large OPOs," Trotter and Osgood wrote.
MELD works to strengthen families by improving the quality of parenting using a variety of resources.
In fact, he said, MELD scores listed for patients have actually slightly declined indicating centers are changing their listing procedures.
The revised system replaces all but the highest medical urgency category (Status 1) with a continuous score calculated by MELD or PELD.
What we're trying to do is meld together all of these [sky surveys] and provide a seamless interface .
The company's end-to-end Internet solutions meld with traditional fundraising to enhance donor acquisition, retention and stewardship programs.
The new plan, when adopted, will eliminate current system of status 2A and 3, and replace it with the MELD scoring system.
ABOUT MIND MELD: Mind Meld features a revealing, in-depth, unscripted conversation between Star Trek veterans William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.