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MELESMiddle East Library for Economic Services (Egypt)
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This argument has become common within the circles of the ruling Revolutionary Democrats, since Meles mentioned it first.
He expressed the profound condolences of himself and the Sudanese people to the family, children and colleagues of the late Meles Zenawi.
So, to elaborate on Versi's editorial and to set the record straight, I would like to add my observations on the late Meles Zenawi's tremendous contributions to the African intellectual space.
They point out that Meles shrewdly manipulated rivalries between and within the four parties of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) while concentrating state power around himself.
He replaces the late Meles, who was praised for his policies, which seen an economic growth and boom in the country; however he was criticized for clamping down on opposition voices.
The funeral ceremony will later move to the capital's Holy Trinity Cathedral, where Meles will be buried.
The funeral ceremony will later move to the capital s Holy Trinity Cathedral, where Meles will be buried.
Meles, who ruled for 21 years, died on 20 August of an undisclosed illness in a Belgian hospital, he was 57.
Meles was admitted to a Belgian hospital in July and his health became a focus of speculation when he failed to attend an African Union summit in his own capital.
Initially serving as the president of the first post-Derg government, and then as Ethiopia's prime minister from 1995 until his death, Meles (his nom de guerre in the revolution) oversaw 7.
Beyond a doubt, Meles, who ruled Ethiopia for 21 years, managed to elevate the nation of 75 million people into a regional economic and political power.