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MELISSAMicro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative (European Space Agency)
MELISSAManaging the Environment Locally in Sub-Saharan Africa (est. 1996)
MELISSAMy Entire Life Is Spent Striving Ahead
MELISSAMeloxicam Large-Scale International Study Safety Assessment (osteoarthritis study)
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There's always a certain number of 'em," said Melissa.
I suppose the truth is that we're over-stocked and too well fed to swarm," said Melissa.
But honey is gathered from flowers outside two miles away sometimes," cried Melissa.
Ye-es, but it won't be long at this rate," said Melissa.
said poor Melissa, "haven't you ever been beyond the Gate?
There is no room to tell how the experienced Melissa found a far-off frame so messed and mishandled by abandoned cell-building experiments that, for very shame, the bees never went there.
That was your mother's pet comb once," whispered Melissa to the Princess.
Melissa, who scooped her prize just before New Year, feared any reconciliation might be mired in recriminations and fears about gold-digging.
But despite needing extensive surgery Melissa refused "just to sit and take it" and set about making cherished memories with her nine-year-old son, Evan, as well as launching a fundraising drive to selflessly help others.
A fun, challenging and certified chip-timed 5K run/walk, Melissa's Race, is held in memory of Melissa Vosburg, a resident of Sanford, FL.
Her football team the Castlebar Mitchels said how "tears are falling like rain" since Melissa was knocked down and killed on Thursday while jogging.