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MELMACMaine Educational Loan Marketing Corp.
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Effective June 30, MELMAC transferred all interests in its assets and outstanding debt to MELMAC, Inc.
1, 1999 between MELMAC and Peoples Heritage Bank, N.
Nierras welcomed the partnership with Globe, which was made possible by its management group, MelMac Sports.
increase for Cymel, Beckamine, Melmac and Uformite conventional melamine, urea, glycoluril and benzoguanamine resins; $0.
But when Melmac was destroyed (it was rumoured everyone had plugged their hair dryers in at the same time and the electrical force generated had caused the planet to explode), ALF was one of the lucky few to escape.
Named after his grandmother - one of the few women on Melmac who could split a block of wood with her lips - ALF was born on October 28, 1756, but his playful enthusiasm and penchant for chasing cats (he liked them best with a side of French fries) kept him looking far younger than his 229 years.
On Melmac, he had been an Orbit Guard and part-time male model, and he was rapidly embraced by the Tanner's young son, Brian (Benji Gregory ), who idolised him, and elder daughter Lynn (Andrea Elson ).
Don't have enough glasses or chairs, and your china is old Melmac from the thrift store?
ALF'': The wisecracking, Muppet-like troublemaker from '80s prime-time moves home to the distant planet of Melmac.
He's the hairy, orange, cat-eating, smart-alecky alien from the planet Melmac who starred in his own TV sitcom from 1986 to 1990.
I had to give them a lot of tips while we were shooting," cracked ALF, who's 235 years old and lived on Melmac.