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MELODRAMAMelding of Spin-Locking Dipolar Recovery At the Magic Angle
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I do not know why my delight in those tragedies did not send me to the volume of his plays, which was all the time in the bookcase at home, but I seem not to have thought of it, and rapt as I was in them I am not sure that they gave me greater pleasure, or seemed at all finer, than "Rollo," "The Wife," "The Stranger," "Barbarossa," "The Miser of Marseilles," and the rest of the melodramas, comedies, and farces which I saw at that time.
Some, like the husband of Madame Colleville, Celestine's rival, play in the orchestra of a theatre; others like du Bruel, write vaudeville, comic operas, melodramas, or act as prompters behind the scenes.
It is the custom on the stage, in all good murderous melodramas, to present the tragic and the comic scenes, in as regular alternation, as the layers of red and white in a side of streaky bacon.
It may be necessary to observe, lest there should appear any incongruity in the close of this soliloquy, that Mr Swiveller did not wind up with a cheerful hilarious laugh, which would have been undoubtedly at variance with his solemn reflections, but that, being in a theatrical mood, he merely achieved that performance which is designated in melodramas 'laughing like a fiend,'--for it seems that your fiends always laugh in syllables, and always in three syllables, never more nor less, which is a remarkable property in such gentry, and one worthy of remembrance.
In the climactic moments of this summoning, this face to face of accusation and testimony, the generic limits, the boundaries that define the differences between the maternal melodrama and the musical become a cusp, a lip, an edge over which both the emotional excesses of melodrama and the physical excesses of the musical spill only to gather in a generic space that has no clear definition, partaking as it does of both without belonging exclusively to either.
In a nutshell: Slick but perfunctory crime melodrama.
Good-looking melodrama that unfortunately has no substance, based on the author's best-selling novel.
I heard myself replying: ``It's based on Romeo and Juliet, and while there is sentimentality, it's not a melodrama which is heightened drama with an exaggerated sense of the comic absurd.
Concepts such as tragedy and melodrama, for example, are used ad hoc and interchangeably despite their oppositional meanings.
The melodrama is a bit over the top, but the images of the sealers are really the most compelling shots in the film.
What are your notions of melodrama and realism and how each gets at truth?
Melodrama as a genre had its first substantial flowering in the mid-seventeenth century in the form of narratives which constituted a cultural response to capitalism's growing split between production and personal, domestic life.