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MELOSMeasuring Equipment for Lenses and Optical Systems (Vermont Photonics Technologies Corp.; Bellows Falls, VT)
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Twelve years later, shortly before the Athenian expedition to Sicily embarked on its disastrous course, the Athenians determined to remove the neutral island of Melos from the strategic table.
Obsidian was a precious natural rock-glass found only in Melos, some in [the modern-day Greek areas of] Antiparos and Yali," Past Horizons quoted Nicolaos Laskaris of the University of the Aegean in Greece, as saying.
A melos is the succession of notes constituting a melody.
The name of this plant is derived from Greek word CHAMOS which means 'ground', and MELOS which means 'apple'.
Edwards recognizes that since the time of the Renaissance there has been a shift in the poetic lyric from melos (to be sung) to opsis (a pictorial representation of signs on the page), so that the poem itself is a closed, static object (582).
NNA - Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji met at his Yarzeh office with UNIFIL forces in Lebanon General Alberto Asarta accompanied by his Media and Political Advisor Melos Shtroger.
Saying attains to a different articulation, a different melos, a different tone" (On the Way to Language 76).
There are objections to this reading: (9) the chorus celebrates Athens, the timescale between Melos and the first performance is tight, sympathy for victims does not necessitate distaste for victors, pacifism is a twentieth-century notion, (10) and war itself presents an opportunity for virtue.
This notion has been passed down ever since: "women-children, that have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves" (King James Bible, [1611], Numbers 31:17-18), while "democratic" Athens killed all the males "and sold the women and children as slaves" after conquering Melos (Thucydides, 1972, p.
This edition incorporates new scholarship and more on the Delian League and the Athenian Empire, more sources, and extended discussion of the growth of Athenian imperialism towards Samos, Mytilene, and Melos.
Melos or sound might, just as language, seem initially to be applied at best as metaphor.