MELPMinistry of Environment, Lands and Parks (Government of British Columbia, Canada)
MELPMixed Excitation Linear Predictive (voice synthesizer technology)
MELPMixed-Excitation Linear Predictive Vocoder
MELPMontana Early Literacy Project (est. 1996)
MELPMicro-Enterprise Lending Program (various locations)
MELPMaletas en la Puerta (Spanish: Suitcases at the Door; band)
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The communication system architecture consists for the transmitting components in: audio data acquisition block, a MELP encoder block, an AES encryption block and a UDP data communication block.
We chose the "From Audio Device" block, as it allows data acquisition at as low as 1000 samples/sec compared to 5000 samples/sec for "Analog Input", necessary in early stages of AES testing (when the MELP encoding block was not implemented).
The MELP (Mixed-Excitation Linear Predictive) standard was released in 1999 and specified only the 2400 bps mode of operation, but further enhancements in 2001 allowed 1200bps and 600bps, known as MELPe.
The MELP model incorporates five key components: Component 1 identifies procedures using developmentally appropriate thematic units with specific strategies, interventions, and activities that embed literacy and language throughout children's existing routines during the school day.
The MELP model was developed for fostering emerging literacy and language skills in young children with diverse abilities at two demonstration sites: COTEACH Preschool, located on The University of Montana-Missoula campus, and Cherry Valley Elementary School, located on the Flathead Indian Reservation.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of the MELP model on improving the early and emerging literacy skills of young children who are at risk of developing reading difficulties.
A study of interoperability at MELP indicated that the agency is not prepared to embrace interoperability until it is integrated into ESRI software (Glen 2000).
Amendments now provide MELP with the authority to regulate changes in and about watercourses even though there is no diversion or direct use of the water resource.
MELP is well on its way to accomplishing many of the goals and objectives set by the government.
The MELP capability just like lowering the frequency, using higher power, and improving antenna efficiency translates into dbs of "processing gain" and a better capability to communicate over urban terrain.
Note that MELP 600(bps) digital voice performs almost as well as a CW (manual Morse Code) expert operator.
The HP E3470A emulator for the Mitsubishi MELPS M16C series processors is available now for $4,800.