MELUSMulti-Ethnic Literature of the United States
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Wife of Neville Davies, much loved mother of Enid, David, Geraint, Tudor, John, loving grandmother and Nain of Owen, Natalie, Lloyd, and Rose, sister of John Richard and lifelong friend to his wife Mary, and aunt to Hugh, Gwena and Richard of Tyddyn Melus, Conwy.
Andrews, "Liberal Religion and Free Love: An Undiscovered Afro- American Novel of the 1890s," MELUS 9.
During her interview with Melus, Paule Marshall explained how and why she crafted Harriet as a manifestation of American imperialism, derived from concepts and philosophies first initiated by the British Empire: "American families were very directly involved [in the slave trade]--not only the men, the captains, brokers, and slave owners--but also .
She is book reviews editor for MELUS and has previously served on the executive board of the Association for Asian American Studies.
Literary Depictions of Henry Berry Lowry: Mythic, Romantic and Tragic," MELUS 17.
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Christopher Douglas's A Genealogy of Literary Multiculturalism has already garnered diverse praise--from glowing reviews in Modern Fiction Studies and MELUS to a position on Choice's 2009 list of "Outstanding Academic Tides.
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None from American Literary History, or Callaloo, or MELUS, or Amerasian Journal, etc.
9) See, for instance, Julie Barak, "'Turning and Turning in the Widening Gyre': A Second Coming into Language in Julia Alvarez's How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents," MELUS 23.
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See Tracy, " 'Something You Don't Expect': The Recordings of Bert Williams," MELUS 29.