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MEMMinisterio de Energia y Minas (Guatemala)
MEMMinimum Essential Medium (culture medium)
MEMMinimal Essential Medium (culture medium)
MEMModified Eagle's Medium (culture media)
MEMMaster of Engineering Management
MEMMaximum Entropy Method
MEMMain Event Mafia (wrestling)
MEMMinistry of Energy and Mines
MEMMinistère de l'Énergie et des Mines (French: Ministry of Energy and Mines; various locations)
MEMMajor Emergency Management (offshore oil & gas industry)
MEMMining Environmental Management
MEMMonocular Estimate Method (ophthalmology)
MEMMars Excursion Module
MEMMemphis, TN, USA - Memphis International Airport (Airport Code)
MEMMinimum Endogenous Mortality
MEMMain Electronics Module
MEMMarine Engineering Mechanic (Royal Navy UK)
MEMMeasurement Error Model
MEMMellors Elliot Motorsport
MEMModal Emission Model
MEMMechanical Electrical Maintenance
MEMMcAfee Enterprise Management
MEMModel Exercise Model
MEMMusica ExperiMente Ensemble (Contemporary Music Ensemble: Italy)
MEMMarket Equipment Management
MEMMarine Equity Model
MEMMultiple-Entry Memory (software framework)
MEMMature Equivalent of Milk
MEMMove Entity Manager (USAF)
MEMMunition Effectiveness Manual
MEMMaximum Energy Management
MEMMedical Electronics Manufacturing (magazine)
MEMMatjaz Eric Maj (Mem Couture; fashion brand)
MEMMajor Economies Meeting
MEMMultilateral Evaluation Mechanism (drug trafficking)
MEMMaster of Environmental Management (various universities)
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The CDR results collected during the multiple ascending portion of Memory Pharmaceuticals' Phase 1 clinical trial of MEM 3454 showed that a 15-milligram dose of MEM 3454, administered once daily for a period of 13 days, had a statistically significant effect on a primary cognitive efficacy variable, Quality of Episodic Secondary Memory (QESM).
We congratulate MEM on a successful ClaimCenter project," said John Raguin, chief executive officer, Guidewire Software.
In this study, the efficacy of multiple doses of 600 mg of MEM 1414 on the allergen-induced asthmatic response in steroid free subjects with mild allergic asthma will be evaluated in comparison to placebo.
0 million decrease in clinical and manufacturing costs for MEM 1003 and a $0.
MEM 68626 produces a robust effect in key models of cognition with a favorable safety and pharmacokinetic profile, providing a strong rationale for clinical development in a cognition indication," stated Vaughn M.
These data, combined with previous pharmacokinetic and safety data obtained in Phase 1 clinical trials for MEM 1414, will guide dosing for a proof-of-concept trial in either a cognition or respiratory indication, which we expect to initiate by the end of 2008.
This second edition of the MEM provides an update on economic issues discussed in the first edition released in April 2015 which was titled Managing Fiscal Pressures.
Fully illustrated with incredible hand-tinted photos of two lovely sisters, Adah and Ilse, playing happily on their grandmother's farm, "It's About a Little Bird" gently retraces the story of a champion Italian songbird named Uccello who came to live with Grandma Mem long ago in Rome.
Using Xiameter MEM 1785 Emulsion and Xiameter MEM-1788 Emulsion in 2-in-l shampoos can improve wet combing, so hair feels soft smooth and manageable.
Furthermore, in the case of the hamster, it was also reported that MEM vitamins supplementation increased the embryo development rate of blastocysts and the hatched blastocysts from the 8-cell stage (Mishra and Seshagiri, 1998).
This new MEM report and above all the recommendations contained in it ate an essential reference for anyone involved in designing drug policies in our hemisphere," OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza said.
These two very different picture books demonstrate the breadth of Mem Fox's talent.