MEMICMaine Employers Mutual Insurance Company
MEMICMobile ElectroMagnetic Incompatibility
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The dividend will be paid to employers who buy their workers' compensation insurance coverage from The MEMIC Group's mutual company, Maine Employers' Mutual Insurance Company, based in Portland.
In the past year, MEMIC has undergone a complete migration of its paper-based new business application process to an electronic process that includes the ability to bind a policy online.
Lauren Caulfield, a director of loss control and safety services at MEMIC, said when she presented the safety award: "The Arbors of Hop Brook have won this award due to their commitment from the top-down for workplace safety, their return-to-work program and all the work they have done with their safe patient handling program.
To learn why more employers and agents are choosing MEMIC, visit us at www.
According to Bourque, MEMIC checks a higher percentage of cases for fraud than many insurers, between 15 percent and 20 percent.
I've been in the care giving business a long time and patient handling has changed tremendously," says Beth Stowell, who has promoted safe patient handling across the country as a safety management consultant at MEMIC for more than 20 years.
The MEMIC Harvey Picker Horizon Scholarship has been awarded annually since 2001 to the spouse or child of a worker who has suffered a serious injury or death at work.
Leonard began with MEMIC in 1993, the company's first year, after a lengthy career with The Travelers, where he led the Commercial Lines Agency Marketing and Underwriting Division.
or MEMIC, may have one of the highest logging exposures of any nonspecialty workers' compensation insurer in the country, due to the size of the logging industry in Maine.
Congratulations to Harleysville Insurance, The Hanover Insurance Group, The Hartford and MEMIC.