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Descending to particulars, each member of the club contributed his own little stock of scandal to the memoirs of the Countess.
Armand Moncharmin, in chapter eleven of his Memoirs, says:
For the rest, in the memoirs of this period, which has left so many memoirs, one does not find this worthy gentleman blamed even by his enemies; and he had many such among men of the pen as well as among men of the sword.
She ran the risk of wasting another minute or two, and went on with the memoirs of Tommie.
Isabel had barely stated this last afflicting circumstance when the memoirs of Tommie were suddenly cut short by the voice of Lady Lydiard--really calling this time--from the inner room.
In his memoirs he piously thanks the Giver of all Good for remembering him in his needs and delivering sundry such cargoes into his hands at times when only special providences could have relieved him.
To anyone but myself, who had a great love for the sea, the hours would have seemed long and monotonous; but the daily walks on the platform, when I steeped myself in the reviving air of the ocean, the sight of the rich waters through the windows of the saloon, the books in the library, the compiling of my memoirs, took up all my time, and left me not a moment of ennui or weariness.
Athos was in his study, making additions to his memoirs, when Raoul entered, accompanied by Grimaud.
There are many allusions to the subject in memoirs and other unimportant works, but I only know of one where the subject is spoken of definitely.
Of her memoir, she allowed a few friends to read some passages, but never the entire thing.
During an interview in November, Obama hinted on what stories from her past she included in her memoir.
The 26-page memoir, handwritten by Dr David Hughes, Dylan's GP and friend, is on display at the museum until Dylan Day - May 14.