MEMRMinistry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Jordan)
MEMRMemory Read
MEMRManagement of the European Metropolitan Region (college course)
MEMRMinistry of Environment and Mineral Resources (Kenya)
MEMRMultiple Exostoses-Mental Retardation Syndrome
MEMRMemory Effect Modeling Ratio
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Letter of Intent for a liquefied natural gas sale and purchase agreement between British Gas Corporation and MEMR at a value of $6 billion worth of gas purchase over 20 years.
The MEMR report further reveals that Umar Media released Muawiya's video through its Facebook account.
There are only a limited number of manganese licenses in Indonesia listed as "Clean and Clear" by the MEMR.
At a hearing on July 18, 2005, the court requested that MEMR experts
at MEMR - KZ today was informed of it by MEMR press-service.
We are pleased that the MEMR has approved the work commitments for the Karatal and Dauletaly blocks," stated Mr.
Newmont Nusa Tenggara 1996-2005 Year Copper Copper Gold Silver Concentrate (ton) (kg) (kg) (000 dmt) 1996 - - - - 1997 - - - - 1998 - - - - 1999 - - - - 2000 744 236,006 9,948 37,797 2001 871 292,309 16,064 54,462 2002 935 298,312 15,319 56,184 2003 932 287,634 16,688 60,320 2004 1,007 320,200 22,359 70,307 2005 909 270,344 22,761 68,214 Source: DPMB/DMCE, MEMR Table-2 Gold and silver exported by PT.
There is an on going dialogue between PetroKazakhstan and the MEMR.
The Directorate of Program Guidance of the MEMR has made a rundown of what kinds of investment Indonesia needs to make the coal development program realized.
Again, this performance reflects a combination of the operational issues surrounding the Atasu pipeline and terminal and the export quotas issued by MEMR.
The Hamza block, operated by Transeuro, is excluded from the MEMR 2014 Bid Round.
To assist MEMR during the change management and the transition to the new system, with the proper knowledge transfer to selected MEMR personnel.