MEMRIMiddle East Media and Research Institute (Washington, DC)
MEMRIMichigan Electronic Medical Record Initiative
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Cotton's comments were off the record, but he undoubtedly shared the message of his main benefactors, including William Kristol's Emergency Committee for Israel and hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer, a significant donor to the FDD and MEMRI.
Bahrain suffered unfairly from negative media reports and "This is Bahrain" looks forward to working closely with MEMRI, which does an outstanding job on many fronts.
According to MEMRI, the TTP says that it has a strategy in place to counter what it called the Pakistan Government's "satanic attacks carried out behind the mask/pretext of the negotiations.
Now, MEMRI has distributed video footage from two interviews with Dr.
In general, Al Qaeda speaks in a very triumphant tone but in the new book Al-Libi speaks of the group's dire straits and serious problems," said Daniel Lev, who works for MEMRI.
html The independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit MEMRI site translates into Western languages material from Arabic, Persian, and Turkish media as well as original analyses of Middle Eastern trends.
One journalist quoted by MEMRI, Majed Azzam, wrote in the Hamas-affiliated al-Risala weekly in Gaza that Palestinians "should have the courage to acknowledge the truth", that the only thing which "prevents the chaos and turmoil in Gaza from spreading to the West Bank is the presence of the Israeli occupation".
com (made available by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute), editor Omran Salman suggests Britain is the largest exporter of terrorism in the non-Muslim world.
Muhammad bin 'Abd Al-Latif Aal Al-Sheikh, "Jihadist Salafist Ideology is Like Nazism," MEMRI, Special Dispatch Series, No.
Translation of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech provided by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) and dated Oct.
Among reactions to the Abu Ghraib abuses translated by MEMRI, for example, are Egyptian President Hosni Muburak's characterization of them as "abhorrent and sickening, and against all human values and human rights confirmed and defended by the international community" (2004a) and the Kuwaiti cabinet's statement that they were "against norms, international law, and human rights" (2004b).