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MEMSMicro Electro-Mechanical Systems
MEMSMedication Event Monitoring System
MEMSMicro Electro Mechanical Sensor
MEMSModular Emergency Medical System
MEMSMilitary Emergency Management Specialist (State Guard Association of the US)
MEMSMaine Emergency Medical Services (Maine Department of Public Safety)
MEMSMicro Electrical Machine System
MEMSSoprano Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite
MEMSMedical Equipment Management System
MEMSMaryland Emergency Medical Services
MEMSMalaysian Endocrine & Metabolic Society (Malaysia)
MEMSMember Enrollment Management System
MEMSMaster Events Management System (tool assisting in the planning, execution and analysis of MOOTW exercises)
MEMSModular Emergency Management Systems
MEMSMobile Emergency Medical System
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The combination of our tools creates a true living environment for the MEMS enterprise, capturing all aspect of design, process flow and manufacturing.
MEMS for aerospace applications are also discussed, including active drag reduction, inertial navigation and structural health monitoring systems
Optic power-level feedback mechanism: The tilt of the MEMS mirrors is precisely controlled thanks to a feedback loop in a built-in control function, which maintains the optical power at a fixed level.
The new optical switch technology builds on a broadly enabling MEMS fabrication platform developed under a grant provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in its Advanced Technology Program.
The L3G4200D 3-axis MEMS gyroscope is suitable for consumer applications (Gaming, User interfaces, Image stabilization, Health and fitness and GPS navigation) and Industrial applications (Motion detection, User interfaces, Robotics).
Corning plans to apply MEMS digital control technology to next-generation MEMS devices including optical switching actuators, beam steering antennas, high-density storage devices, and mass flow control.
Estimated to be $550M in 2009 a few % of the total MEMS business, Emerging MEMS markets have the potential to add $2.
Ortyl, Chairman and CEO of Standard MEMS, said, "We are pleased to be in NIST's nanotechnology ATP.
The MEMS industry remains highly diverse and as such the impact of the financial collapse and economic recession has been varied.
Apple iPhone series, beyond doubt, has promoted MEMS application in cell phone, and after iPhone, more and more MEMS cell phones will be in prevalence.