MEMTMusic Education and Music Therapy (Kansas University; Lawrence, KS)
MEMTMassachusetts Emergency Management Team
MEMTManufacturing Energy Management Team (DuPont Canada Inc.)
MEMTMechanics and Materials (Louisiana Tech University; Ruston, LA)
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It should be noted that R3 is an abbreviation derived from the name given in MEMT to an excerpt of the remedy book contained in G.
List of remedy books used in the analysis Abbreviation Name in MEMT Source Evk no.
As can be seen in the information directly taken from MEMT in Table 2 all samples but one have been extracted from editions.
However, my results suggest that there is not the same progression from top to bottom in the level of technicality the compilers of MEMT have attributed to texts as in their use of syntactic structures related to the use of non Germanic sources.
Despite the low number of DC tokens in the MEMT (33), the text-type distribution follows the pattern emerging from the MED data with respect to the surgical texts.
MEMT classification of MED data Surgical Specialised texts texts Remedies % of tokens 61% 32% 7% Sources 7 2 4 Items per source 6 11 125 Table 5.