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MENOGMiddle East Network Operators Group
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To give engineers and technical internet professionals a ground-up grasp of IPv6, Al Dosary said that his group is using its regularly scheduled Menog meetings to what he called a parallel initiative.
Dubbed the IPv6 Roadshow, Menog members are taking training sessions and workshops to destinations across the Middle East to help spread the word of the new internet protocol.
Menog is gearing up for four more IPv6 Roadshow events in the near future in Dubai, Amman, Damascus and Tehran.
What I would like to see accomplished in the upcoming years is more open dialogue and discussion in the Menog community, especially from the larger operators," he said.
Menog, meanwhile, has confirmed dates for its Menog 8 conference in Damascus for May 15 to 23 and Menog 9 conference in Muscat from September 27 to October 8.
MENOG is a regional forum offering telecommunication network engineers and other technical staff the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences and identify areas for regional co-operation.
In his final speech as MENOG chair, Mr Al Shirawi stressed the fact that this decision was made after all due consideration of what's best for the region in general and MENOG in particular.
As a MENOG founder, I am extremely pleased with the progress we have made so far," he said.
Hosted by IDM and Ogero, MENOG 5 will gather business, network operators and the technical community to discuss the critical Internet issues affecting the Middle East region.
MENOG 5 offers the opportunity for organizations and individuals from across the region to discuss and debate topics such as networking and the deployment of IPv6, Internet security and the deployment of Internet exchanges.
On the opposed categories menog ('spiritual') and getig ('material') in Zoroastrian thought, see Shaul Shaked, "The Notions menog and getig in the Pahlavi Texts and Their Relation to Eschatology.
7-10: ganag menog pad an petyaragomandih az kamaligan dewan nazdist akoman fraz kirrenid pas andar ud pas sawul pas nahagih pas taromad pas taric ud zeric pas abarigan dewan.