MENRMinistry of the Environment and Natural Resources
MENRMinistry of Ecology and Natural Resources (Moldova)
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This component will assist MENR to: (i) identify and analyze the main direct and indirect cause of deforestation and degradation; (ii) identify effective REDD+ strategy options; (iii) design a implementation framework for REDD+; and (iv) assess possible social/ environmental impacts associated to the REDD+ strategic options (i.
This component will assist MENR to identify a national Reference Emissions Level, and/or Reference Level (REL/RL) for the forest sector.
This component will assist MENR and other government agencies to design and operate: (i) a national forest monitoring systems; and (ii) a national information system for multiple benefits, other impacts, safeguards and governance.
MENR estimates that the sector as a whole requires increased investment of $1bn a year over the three years 2004-06 and an additional $2.
MENR cancelled a tender for a 390 MW wind power project in 2001 because of the need to cut costs.
In May 2002, the MENR put six power plants (Orhaneli, Hamitabat, Catalagzi, Soma A-B, and Ergil) and nine distribution grids on sale, transferring their assets to the country's Privatisation Authority.
Konaktepe is located on the Munzur River near Ovacik in the Tunceli Province, in east central Turkey, and is considered by MENR to be strategically important to the region.