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MENTORMalaria Emergency Technical and Operational Response (Indonesia)
MENTORMultimedia Education Network for Teaching, Output and Research (UK)
MENTORMinorities Empowered Nationally through Organized Racing (West Bloomfield, MI)
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Their responses usually began with "A mentor is someone who.
The process would offer support and development opportunity to both mentor and mentee by:
Three characteristics in particular that help build the theoretical premises of in the present study were that mentoring (1) is collegial and ongoing, (2) presents personal dialogue on how children learn and stimulates the personal, critical, and creative thinking about how to teach to these diverse children, and (3) helps to develop self-reliance for the mentoree and self-assurance for the mentor (Manthei, 1990).
Dorothy Connock has been a CNA at Heathwood Health Care Center, and ElderWood Affiliates facility in Williamsville, New York for 15 years and a mentor since the program began in 1996.
Perhaps the recruiters didn't guarantee that a mentor would be waiting in the parking lot for each new hire, but many will admit they did nothing to discourage the hottest candidates from believing some form of mentoring would be forthcoming.
She also stresses the need to acknowledge `the value (in terms of personal emotional growth) for the mentor as an important component of programme success'.
Whether it is an informal arrangement between two individuals or a formalized, structured program sanctioned by the organization, mentoring involves the provision of wise assistance by a mentor to a protege.
Mentoring is absolutely critical,'' said Holmes, who says she had a ``fabulous'' mentor who helped her start her own automobile leasing company in 1985, after she left teaching.
Mentor will host "The Lowdown on Low Power -- Views from the Experts," moderated by Richard Goering, EE Times Editor.
KW: A mentor will typically function as a sounding board--offering advice and counsel on issues from how to prepare for an interview to how to deal with difficult bosses.
Students are in the school setting for much of the time and are assigned to a mentor teacher.