MEOLMatch at End of Line (computer programming)
MEOLMedium Earth Orbit Launch
MEOLMass Ed Online LearnNet (statewide computer education network; Malden, MA)
MEOLMarine Engine Operator License (Maritime & Coastguard Agency, UK )
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Through this partnership, MEOL will be able to respond to this demand with Resonate Commander Solutions, a unique service level management solution that integrates all necessary elements to define, monitor and assure service levels into one offering, while assuring the end-user experience.
5/3D packaging moves closer to production reality in the semiconductor industry in order to integrate increasing amounts of chip functionality in smaller form factors for mobile devices and other consumer electronic products, new manufacturing and cost requirements must be addressed across the wafer fabrication process-particularly in the MEOL and BEOL segments.
Laker support for MEOL layers includes contactless connectivity, unidirectional layer rules and enhancements to support 16-nm guard rings.