MEOSTMultiple Environment Over-Stress Testing (product design validation method)
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The authors are promoting a technique called "multiple environment overstress tests," or MEOST, which they claim "can dramatically improve reliability right at the design stage, in hours, instead of waiting months and years to confirm unreliability in the field.
they show that in the case of a car door, traditional engineering testing would require 172 hours of test time, 117 man-days of labor, $124,000, multiple prototypes, and would result in the discovery of 1 failure mode, while MEOST requires 16 hours of test time, 38 man-days of labor, $44,000, and just a few prototypes)--what is perhaps more important is their step-by-step review of how managers and engineers who actually may think they're pursuing a high-quality path to development and production are actually wandering down non-productive paths.
The MEOST testing for SignalSure goes well beyond datasheet maximums to ensure ongoing reliability and performance.