MEPDMinistry of Economic Planning and Development (various nations)
MEPDMos Eisley Police Department (Star Wars)
MEPDMaster of Education Professional Development
MEPDMarine Environment Protection Directorate (Greece)
MEPDMinimum Effective Pharmacologic Dose
MEPDInstitute for Middle East Peace & Development (est. 1979)
MEPDMaster of Environmental Planning & Design (University of Georgia)
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Following treatment with MEPD for 56 days, the mean values of semen motility, concentration, libido, viability, and sperm morphology were significantly (p < 0.
1] MEPD group (Figure 1c) showed the appearance of some shrunken tubules, separated from each other with widened interstitial space and had different shapes with irregular outlines.
However, these semen traits were improved following treatment with MEPD, although, not to the control level in some characteristics.
In this study, after the treatment of cadmium exposed rabbits with MEPD, semen volume was only numerically higher but not significantly different (p > 0.
This could have been achieved through the inhibition of the cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP) phosphodiesterase by saponins in MEPD, thus increasing intracellular cAMP which is reported to be susceptible to Cd toxicity (Gunnarsson, Nordberg, & Selstam, 2007).
05) improvement in Cd-extract group was lower than the control group, the dose-dependent significant increase suggests the therapeutic effect of MEPD in alleviating cadmium induced reproductive dysfunction in rabbits.
In this study, the post treatment effects of Cd on testicular morphometric indices as well as the therapeutic possibilities of MEPD against Cd-induced toxicity was also examined.
Interestingly, the therapeutic intervention in Cd-intoxicated rabbits with MEPD effectively attenuated the deleterious reproductive defects of Cd, restoring the epididymis length, testis density and volume of the testis with concomitant improvements in sperm motility, sperm concentration, viability and morphology as shown in this study.
Elaine Colvin, BSN, RN, MEPD, ANNA Ethics Subcommittee Member; Patient Rights Specialist and Coordinator, Internal Advance Care Planning Program, Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center, LaCrosse, WI
Elaine Colvin, MEPD, BSN, RN, is Patient Rights Specialist and Coordinator, Advance Care Planning Program, Gundersen Lutheran, La Crosse, WI.