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MEPIMiddle East Partnership Initiative
MEPIMiddle East Peace Initiative
MEPIMedical Education Partnership Initiative (US NIH)
MEPIMaine Environmental Policy Institute
MEPIMontessori Educational Programs International
MEPIMoscow Engineering Physics Institute
MEPIMeasuring Environmental Performance of Industry (EC indicator of environmental performance)
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Speaking at the signing ceremony in the presence of the Minister for Relations with Constitutional Institutions and Civil Society and Human Rights Mehdi Ben Gharbia, the US ambassador stressed the importance of the role of MEPI programme in supporting civil society in Tunisia.
Mirna Srour, an economics student at the Lebanese University who is helping with Volunteers without Borders, told The Daily Star during the event that they "now have connections with MEPI, CRS and all the other NGOs so we can coordinate and help each other.
Le programme de subventions locales constitue le moyen le plus direct du MEPI pour soutenir les organisations et les individus au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique du nord.
MEPI is the only source of leasing SunDial SmartPower systems outside the US.
The recently published information about our MEPI programmes has been available on the public website for years.
MEPI has funded medical education in African institutions in twelve countries, forming a network of regional partners and more than twenty US and foreign collaborators [3].
Based on MEPI for Africa, the countries are categorised according to the level of energy poverty, ranging from sensitive energy poverty (MEPI>0.
Federal records show Abdel-Fatah's NGO, the Egyptian Democratic Academy, received support from NED, MEPI and NDI, among other State Department-funded groups "assisting democracy".
13) Finally, MEPI sponsors 17 programs in Oman, but they generally focus on economic development and opportunities made possible by the 2006 Free Trade Agreement.
Entitled "The Financial Crisis and the Occupy Wall Street Movement", the lecture, which was organized in cooperation with the MEPI Alumni Network, was attended by more than 75 persons from entrepreneurship, academia, politics, diplomacy, and civil society.
MEPI states that it works to "identify and support key projects that promote civil society and the rule of law, increase political participation, empower women and youth, create civic educational opportunities, support independent media, and foster economic growth and opportunity.
The MEPI Student Leaders Programme contributes to USG goals of increasing awareness and acceptance of civic rights and responsibilities and building support for reformers.