MEPPMiddle East Peace Process
MEPPMiniature End-Plate Potential (Small depolarization at synapse target due to spontaneous quantal release)
MEPPMaster of Engineering in Professional Practice
MEPPMathematics Education Partnership Program
MEPPMunicipal Employees' Pension Plan
MEPPMunicipal Employees Pension Plan
MEPPMaster Exercise Practitioner Program
MEPPMaster of Engineering and Public Policy
MEPPMobile Electric Power Plant
MEPPMultiple Employer Pension Plan (Canada)
MEPPMaster Emergency Plant Procedure
MEPPMiniature Excitatory Postsynaptic Potential
MEPPMonitoring Equipment Placement Phase
MEPPMinistria e Ekonomisë Publike dhe Privatizimit (Albanian: Ministry of Public Economy and Privatisation)
MEPPMotor End Plate Potential
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From day 2 till day 14, group B was given 5ml/kg distilled water, while group C was also given 50 mg/kg MEPP dissolved in 5ml/kg distilled water orally.
The results revealed that both MEPP and PJ have potent antioxidant activity by reducing lipid peroxidation and nitric oxide formation in testis tissues of rats.
Before I could react, the MEPP hit the island, then an X20J box cover and a scupper drain line.
MEPP size), the synapse must rely on secretion through many vesicles within an array of vesicles.
Fitch notes there also is a risk that the contributing employer will become insolvent, resulting in a larger liability for the remaining employers in a MEPP and lead to higher required contributions.
I was relieved to learn that the MEPP unit already was located next to the Harrier, and all we had to do was to hook up the power cord.
As in previous studies with fresh tissue, MEPP amplitudes of two size classes were detected (Kriebel et al.
Fitch notes there is the risk that a contributing employer will become insolvent, resulting in a larger liability for the remaining employers in a MEPP, and lead to higher required contributions.
The new disclosures go a long way toward revealing better estimates of a company's share of its MEPP liabilities and potential impact on future cash flow.
MEPP is an invasive surgery whereby the infected lining and lung is removed.
Although the plans are administered by third parties beyond YRCW's control, the company could be liable for additional contributions based on the funded status of the plans, and it would be required to cover its proportionate share of any unfunded MEPP liabilities if it were to withdraw from an underfunded plan.
The professionals from MEPP hooked the Reinharts up with an investor who purchased a 70 per cent stake in Kelly's company, Innovative Gear, Inc.