MEPUSMobil Exploration and Producing US, Inc. (Mobil Corp.)
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Their work isn't hampered because they can't access their own file cabinets, PCs and administrative assistants, says Susan Foster, communications coordinator at MEPUS.
MEPUS systems use compressed digital video over a dial-up 128Kbps bandwidth line between their sites.
This exchange of properties is consistent with MEPUS' ongoing realignment strategy of shifting resources to its focus areas of business," said Mike Yeager, president and general manager of MEPUS.
and is another indication of the increasing importance and potential of Alabama's prolific Norphlet gas play," said MEPUS President Mike Yeager.
The proximity of Mobil and CalResources operations in two of California's largest heavy oil fields provides the opportunity to reduce expenses and capital costs, eliminate duplication and achieve economies of scale that the two companies could not achieve continuing to operate on a stand-alone basis," said Mike Yeager, president and general manager of MEPUS.
In order to accelerate the company's exploration activities in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Yeager also announced the formation of a New Orleans-based MEPUS Deepwater Business Unit.