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Shannath Merbs (see below) at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where patients with serious eye problems and diseases are treated.
Shannath Merbs divides her time between treating patients with eye cancer and studying eye cancer in the laboratory.
Merbs has spent 10 years studying skeletons as symbols, amassing slides of gravestones, paintings, posters and even a chandelier made of bones to illustrate his lectures.
It always means death or the threat of death,'' Merbs said.
Merbs also reconstructs lives and researches diseases like arthritis through skeletons.
Bite-size pieces of bone lie clustered together - pieces that Merbs believes went through a polar bear's stomach after it devoured the Eskimo.
MSM severity and type at West Kennet (Piggott 1962) and sites in south Wales were scored using the visual reference system presented by Hawkey & Merbs (1995).
Direct comparisons between male and female individual MSM scores are not always very meaningful, for a variety of reasons including body size dimorphism (Hawkey & Merbs 1995: 330).
Craft activities can affect the teeth through general attrition, and Merbs (1968) argues that paramasticatory use resulted in traumatic tooth loss in some Arctic groups as the front teeth were chipped and fractured during forceful gripping.