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MERCIMechanical Embolus Removal in Cerebral Ischemia
MERCiManchester Environmental Resource Centre Initiative (Ancoats, England, UK)
MERCIMultimedia European Research Conferencing Integration
MERCIMarion Edwards Recovery Center Initiatives (North Carolina)
MERCIMedical Emergency Radio Channel for Illinois (ambulances and helicopters; 155.34, 155.16, and 155.22 MHz)
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Some physicians have treated these stroke patients with the Merci device on a routine basis, outside of a trial.
had stolen, well, perhaps not her heart but her ambition, commentators have portrayed Peter McKay as victim of la belle dame sans merci.
Food and Drug Administration approved the Merci Retriever, the first device to use mechanical means to rid the brain of potentially debilitating and deadly blood clots.
Geoff Wynn, Technical Consulting Services, Geraldine, New Zealand Merci Flores-Magari, Protective Apparel Team, Syracuse, New York AFS Environmental, Health & Safety Div.
MERCI BEAUCOUP: Nursery pupils Catherine Kelly, four, and Keian- James Van, three, thank baker Serge Koff for serving them.
Merci pour le chocolat (Claude Chabrol) It's her again.
Two of her works, Boats (1983-2000) and a watercolour Merci Thomas (1999) are on display at the National Museum and Galleries.
Merci Aventin has investigated rural family archives that tend to preserve transactions between peasants rather than exclusively seigneurial documents as is the case with the larger official collections.
Le club lui a notamment ecrit un message qui commence par ces mots : [beaucoup moins que] Merci Maestro.
Enfin, Merci a la ville de Larache, Merci a Monsieur Mohamed Bourah ,directeur de la mediatheque de Larache Abdessamad Kenfaoui, Merci a notre ecrivain Abdelouahid Bennani , Merci a tous ceux qui ont pense a creer ces journees culturelles consacres au livre marocain francophone, et qui ont pu les organiser avec beaucoup de reussite.
Que le prix de la voiture soit a la merci des fluctuations du dollar, ceci porte atteinte a la stabilite de se secteur.