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MERCOSURMercado Comun del Cono Sur (Southern Cone Common Market)
MERCOSURMercado Común Sudamericano (Spanish)
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12) Its aim was to establish an action plan to develop a Mercosur citizenship framework to be adopted by 2021, coinciding with the organization's thirtieth anniversary.
See Porrata-Doria, MERCOSUR, supra note 2, at 13 (describing goals of MERCOSUR).
Una tarifa para manufacturas como la que tiene la Argentina es poco conveniente para lograr la insercion comercial del Mercosur en el mundo debido a que obliga a otorgar a paises terceros una preferencia arancelaria mucho mas elevada de la que generalmente es posible lograr.
Mexico previously considered full integration into MERCOSUR during the administration of former President Ernesto Zedillo in 1996 (see SourceMex, 1996-03-06).
In the cases of the EU and MERCOSUR, however, their non-'minimalist' nature precludes such an endeavour.
The announcement comes as South American leaders try to bolster Mercosur to present a strong front in largely stalled talks on the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), whose 2005 launch is U.
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- The Southern Cone Common Market, known by the Spanish acronym MERCOSUR, and the Andean Community of Nations have signed a trade agreement, bringing 10 countries and 350 million consumers into a common market.
Brazil's Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez said at a meeting in Caracas that integrating South America's two largest trading blocs, Mercosur and the Andean Community, must come before any larger deal.
Mercosur has recently experienced a number of setbacks that have called into question their stability and effectiveness as a preferential trade bloc.
Mercosur (trade union in South America representing 200 million consumers and a one trillion dollar market) has recently experienced economic difficulties but is expanding its trade relations with other countries.
South American trade bloc Mercosur is drafting a preferential tariff agreement with the Caribbean Communities (Caricom) and the Central American Common Market (MCCA), the Brazilian minister of development, industry and foreign trade said Tuesday.
Infighting between the two dominant players in MERCOSUR (Argentina and Brazil) is again shaking the very foundation of the largest Latin American trade bloc.