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MERCSMedical Economics and Research Centre, Sheffield (est. 1995; UK)
MERCSMerchant Ship Crypto System
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Outclassed by the Mercs, Ferrari challenger Sebastian Vettel (right) joked: "With the speed they have, the music I listen to these days is 'Help' by The Beatles.
And with prices starting at PS24k, the CLA is that rare thing - a practical, sturdy and dramatic four-seater saloon built like Mercs of old.
I fell in love with Mercs after the 190, just really well-built, comfortable cars.
Getting in gear: Jason Plato tries out top class Mercs and Audis this week.
No more rising at the crack of dawn from the warmth of a cosy bed Facing howling winds and rain to earn a loaf of bread No more joining queues on motor ways facing wrath and anger Spluttering along with Mercs and Jags in a 1960's banger No more trawling sites from coast to coast like an old industrial gypsy Parking down in dodgy digs kip when only tipsy In Africa, theMiddle East I've toiled my trade with pleasure Desert heat,jungles dense up mountains for good measure The bleak North Sea, theCaspian in search of oil and candy After 18 years of ups and downs have left me small and bandy Now 50 years have long passed by since we played with a casey and bladder The lads, thecrack,I know I'llmiss as I leave this precarious ladder
And they've sent a terse message to the German company's bosses: We don't just want the badge, we want cheaper Mercs.
In a statement, the government's Media Information Center said the Mercs Uhana was attacked at 2:30 a.
Connor, three, and sister Ellen, two, corridor-tested two Mercs at Borders General Hospital, Melrose, last week.
So it's less than an hour to modern France and modern multifreeway Europe, where turbo Saabs and the big Mercs roar south down the autoroute from Cologne and Copenhagen at 210 kilometres per hour, honking, blinking and threatening to crush the lagging old Renaults which have been driven out onto the highway by the poor, cowering locals who are only looking for a quick short-cut to their cousins in the next town.
Mercs Inc will be the first Pandemic game to be developed by the studio at its new home in Playa Vista.
Fan-favourite multiplayer mode Spies v Mercs also makes a welcome return, pitting two small teams of speedy, catlike spies against slower, well-armed mercenaries.
World coming to an end and they had nothing better to do than charge suicidally around in Ferraris and Mercs.