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MERETManaging Environmental Resources to Enable Transitions (Ethiopia and World Food Programme)
MERETMinnesota Emergency Readiness Education and Training
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36) SORRENTO NETWORKS CORPORATION AND SUBSIDIARIES SUPPLEMENTAL FINANCIAL DATA (In Thousands) (a) Sorrento Meret Entrada Networks Optical Networks Total Three Months Ended July 31, 2001 Net Sales $ 6,747 $ 1,251 $ - $ 7,998 Cost of Sales 5,945 757 - 6,702 Gross Profit $ 802 $ 494 $ - $ 1,296 Gross Profit % 11.
and Subsidiaries Supplemental Financial Data (In Thousands) Entrada Sorrento Meret Networks NETsilicon Networks Optical (a) (b) Total Three Months Ended Jan.
While the sensibility of Burden's sardonic experiments in pain and discipline seem kindred enough, formally one is tempted to link Djurberg's work to a different lineage, to surrealist figures such as Carol Rama, Meret Oppenheim, or Hans Bellmer.
Collin Heinrich Schafmeister Ari Leschnikoff Max Tidof Erwin Bootz Kai Wiesinger Erna Eggstein Meret Becker Mary Cycowski Katja Riemann Ursula Bootz Dana Vavrova Chantal Noemi Fischer Bruno Levy Otto Sander Ramona Michaela Rosen Eric Charell Guenter Lamprecht Roman's Father Gerard Samaan Streicher Rolf Hoppe
Revenues in the quarter and nine-month periods include the company's Sorrento Networks and Meret Optical operations and the results of the company's Entrada subsidiary only through Aug.
The photographs' titles appropriate the first names of women who (like Miller) were associated with the Surrealist movement: Valentine, Nusch, Meret.
Life Is All You Get; Bavaria Film; Germany; director: Wolfgang Becker; cast: Ricky Tomlinson, Juergen Vogel, Christiane Paul, Meret Becker; comedy.
Revenues in the quarter and six-month periods include the Company's Sorrento Networks, Meret Optical and Entrada Networks operations.
Instead of releasing their radical powers of defetishization, these objects and photographs by Man Ray and Max Ernst, Meret Oppenheim and Joan Miro, presented in an accumulation of boxes of bric-a-brac, now generate the misreading that their apparent fetish character should be foregrounded.
Fiscal 2000 fourth quarter revenue for the Company's Optical Networking segment, which includes the Company's Meret Optical Communications subsidiary and its division which focuses on all-optical networks, was $5.
In a relatively small and insignificant untitled sculpture from 2003, she gives us her version of Meret Oppenheim's fur-lined teacup.