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MERGEMicrobiological and Ecological Responses to Global Environmental
MERGEMyalgic Encephalomyelitis Research Group for Education and Support (UK)
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With this first-of-its-kind product, people can experience the wonder and amazement of interacting with holographic, 3D content in a natural and intuitive way," Merge Founder Franklin Lyons said in a statement.
We are glad to announce the launch of NSF Merge software to merge NSF files.
Merge provides enterprise imaging interoperability and clinical systems that help advance healthcare.
The Merge Cardiology suite also includes Merge Cardio, an enterprise-level image and information system that provides a single point of entry to the patient's complete cardio record spanning all cardiac modalities.
Thousands of hospitals, imaging centers and specialty clinics throughout the world use solutions from Merge Healthcare, the makers of eFilm Workstation(TM), Merge Healthcare connectivity solutions, and Fusion RIS/PACS(TM) solutions.
I call our portal the ribbon around the gift," says Chavez, when describing its deployment in late 2005 following previous installation of Merge RIS and PACs systems.
That will open the Mail Merge Recipients screen (exhibit 7, page 72), which gives you an opportunity to populate or filter the list by clicking on the (continued on page 72) arrow next to the column heading you wish to include: Address, City, State.
It planned to merge with another publicly owned domestic corporation (Target) that was the parent of an affiliated group of corporations filing a consolidated return.
When employee benefit issues and sources of liability can be identified at the outset, firms can make better decisions such as whether or not to proceed with the transaction; whether to terminate, merge or acquire any given plan; and how to allocate responsibilities among the parties for handling potential liabilities.
As hospitals merge to cut costs and remain competitive, religious facilities face the added challenge of maintaining their identities.
For example, although ordinarily the taxable year of a corporation ends when it merges out of existence, in an "F" reorganization of the type hypothesized the corporation is regarded as a single continuing corporation and its taxable year does not end on the date of the merger.
Supreme Court order to address discrepancies in funding the state's black and white colleges, want to merge MVSU with predominately white Delta State University in nearby Cleveland, Miss.