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MERLMerlin (bird species Falco columbarius)
MERLMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory
MERLMunicipal Environmental Research Laboratory
MERLMicroelectronics Research Laboratory (Rutgers University)
MERLMaterial Engineering Research Laboratory (UK)
MERLMinimum Essential Requirements List
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In a nifty shot, Creadon, a veteran cameraman, matches Mussina's voice-over commentary about collective puzzle playing with a shot of the Yankee infield surrounding the pitcher as he decides how to pitch to Barry Bonds, a situation Mussina compares to a Sunday Merl Reagle puzzle.
When Merl first approached Trionfo to identify a replacement asset for the West End sale, Trionfo recommended a corner mixed-use apartment building in the East Village that looked promising.
Before coming to MERL, she was a member of the research staff at Bolt Beranek Newman, Inc.
Merl Kelce succeeded his brother Russell as president of Peabody Coal in 1957.
To understand the importance of refining assortment strategies to help retailers better position their business for the future we need to get a handle on the current situation," says Milton Merl, president of Milton Men Associates, New York, N.
Bisexuality: A Critical Reader, edited by Merl Storr (Routledge $25), is an anthology of writings about bisexuality, ranging from historical pieces by Freud up to feminist pieces published in the 1990s, like Amber Ault's "Ambiguous Identity in an Unambiguous Sex/Gender Structure: The Case of Bisexual Women.
Our older and more mature clientele leans toward Ketel One," reports Guntram Merl, director of food and beverage.
Franklin's "The Philadelphia Race Riot of 1918" and Merl Reed's "Black Workers, Defense Industries, and Federal Agencies in Pennsylvania, 1941-1945" emphasize the significance of the two world wars on notions of equality, organizational efforts within the black community, and African Americans' prospects at work.
Rapra Technology, the Shrewsbury-based rubber and plastics consultancy, has funded a management buyout of chemical research company Materials Engineering Research Laboratory by buying 29 per cent of MERL for an undisclosed sum.
As noted earlier, it is activity-based costing analyses that conclude that in categories with mixed distribution, DSD products consistently outperform those going through the warehouse, says BCG, which also used data compiled by Milton Merl Associates, The Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council and Prime Consulting.
The discussion among 17 executives from leading mass market retailers and manufacturers, which was moderated by CDR editor David Pinto and Milton Merl and Marc Greenberger, president and an associate, respectively, of Milton Merl & Associates Inc.
Three years before his death, Merl Townsend executed a durable power of attorney, appointing his son George as attorney in fact.