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MERLINMedical Emergency Relief International (UK)
MERLINMulti-Element Radio-Linked Interferometer Network (UK)
MERLINMechanized Reasoning about Languages with Variable Binding (ICPF Workshop)
MERLINMail Evaluation Readability Lookup Instrument (US Postal Service)
MERLINMontana Enhanced Registration and Licensing Information Network
MERLINMulti-Echelon Resource & Logistics Information Network
MERLINSSBN Communications Project
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25 For this and Geoffrey's other Merlin prophecies, see Geoffrey of Monmouth, 384-97.
With Merlin in Camelot, Morgan le Fay had about as much chance of making a name for herself as Queen Guinevere had of knowing the meaning of fidelity.
PTC), operator of the ERA mobile network, with Merlin U530 Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) PC Card Modems, jointly developed by Lucent and Novatel Wireless.
Without warning in the inner quartz cave where Merlin and others have slept for eons a horrendous battering resounds.
There have been times where we got out of the Jeep and walked straight to a crash site,'' Merlin said.
Just as Merlin Compass was a groundbreaking platform in the industry, our new Compass iPad application will set us apart from the rest," said Aaron Vermut, senior partner and chief operating officer at Merlin.
Lead actors Anthony Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Colin Morgan, who play King Uther and Merlin, respectively, will be joined on the one-hour panel by MERLIN executive producers and co-creators Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy.
Merlin, however, appears at their abode often to confer with the Lady and to sing tales with Enchanter, his harp.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Merlin Securities, a leading prime brokerage services and technology provider for hedge funds, funds of funds and long-only managers, today announced the formation of a new equity sales coverage and content division - Merlin Institutional Group.
This new product suite integrates both in-house Merlin trading applications and any other trading systems that use the FIX protocol, thus eliminating the duplicative and error-prone process of rekeying trade information across multiple platforms.
Before joining Merlin, Ian spent eight years with UBS as a Senior Vice President and five years prior with Hambrecht and Quist.