MERMMechanical Engineering Reference Manual
MERMMars Exploration Rover Mission (US NASA)
MERMMortgage Enterprise Risk Management Framework (Visionet Systems)
MERMMerlin-Ezrin-Radixin-Moesin (hormones)
MERMMouse Embryonic Renal Marker
MERMMedium Extended Range Mortar
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MERM principal investigator Steve Squyres, from Cornell University, said of the discovery, "What's so special about Esperance is that there was enough water not only for reactions that produced clay minerals, but also enough to flush out ions set loose by those reactions, so that Opportunity can clearly see the alteration.
14 Turner and Van 't dack (1993) provide a good overview of the construction and problems associated with the MERM index.
Visionet's MERM is a workflow and rules engine based system used to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control (DMAIC) and report on operational risk performance of a mortgage business.
MERM enables lenders and investors to streamline varied quality and risk management functions spread across secondary marketing, origination, and outsourced services such as title, appraisal, and income verification.
Visionet's MERM framework is comprised of VisiLoanReview (Loan Level Data Integrity and Compliance), VisiRepurchase (Repurchase Demand and Claims Management), VisiHCLAS (High Cost Lending Module), VisiTRAK (Document Tracking).
We designed our MERM solution to help lenders gain control over the risk management process.