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The "our world" references are reinforced when Troy and Harmony discuss the "women's strands" of the mythosphere in which Merope may be found (134-35).
Oedipus, still believing that Polybos and Merope were his parents, refuses to go, not to accomplish the other prophecy of the oracle: the marriage with his mother (or, the one he still thinks is his mother, Merope): "What should a man fear, for whom the decrees of chance (tyche) are supreme, and for whom there is no clear foresight of anything?
The disjunct distributions of the two extant members of Meropeidae in eastern North America and western Australia (Kaltenbach 1978; Byers 2005), and the extinct meropeid Boreomerope antiqua Novokschonov from Middle Jurassic of Siberia (Novokschonov 1995, 1998), suggests that as far back as the Jurassic ancestral Meropeidae may have been widespread, and that Merope and its Australian confamiliar Austromerope poultoni Killington are relict survivors on opposite ends of the former familial range (Killington 1933; Byers 1988).
Eager to enable her husband to obtain a male offspring and future heir to his estates and riches, Merope accepts Philippas's aggressive plan to pay the healthy and attractive daughter of his destitute worker Panayis to become a surrogate mother of a child sired by him.
SERPILLO, Giuseppe, '"I Danced Once on a Frieze': Eavan Boland dentro e fuori dalla Storia / Eavan Boland Inside and Outside History", in Merope, X, 25, September 1998.
Four bright stars--Maia, Electra, Merope, and Alcyone--make up the "bowl" of the dipper.
Swales' principal contribution was providing mentoring for the MEROPE students' team in mechanisms and electronics and power control systems.
Arnold certainly was conscious that he did not continue to write poetry, but he did not continually grieve its loss; he was healthfully self-deluding about the prospects for writing more verse and the value of his works--he continued to believe all his life that someone would stage Merope.
But Saintsbury also suggests a more convincing reason for Arnold's limited achievement as a poet-namely his academic, classicizing view of poetry which held his natural talents in check, and led to works like Merope, "a poetical diploma-piece" (Matthew Arnold, p.
Tom is the child of the witch Merope Gaunt, last descendent of Salazar Slytherin, and Tom Riddle, only son of a rich Muggle family.
Meanwhile, Merope and Phinee plot against the happy lovers; Phinee assembles an army to launch a secret attack, but Merope has a change of heart and warns the wedding party.
Other roles featured American soprano Stephanie Novacek as a visually and vocally lovely Queen Cassiope, French mezzo-soprano Marie Lenormand as Andromede, mellifluous Canadian tenor Colin Ainsworth as Mercury and the French haute-contre, Cyril Auvity, as Persee, with Monica Whicher and Alain Coulombe making welcome returns from the 2000 cast as the queen's sister, Merope, and the king's jealous brother, Phinee.