MERPMobile Erp
MERPMiddle Earth Role Playing
MERPMedication Error Reporting and Prevention
MERPMedical Expense Reimbursement Plan
MERPMedicaid Estate Recovery Program
MERPMedical Expense Reimbursement Program
MERPMedical Evacuation Response Plan
MERPMinistry Emergency Response Plan (Canada)
MERPMedication Error Reduction Plan
MERPMedical Emergency Response Plan
MERPMobile Enterprise Resource Planning (business technology)
MERPMonash E-Research Portal (Monash University, Australia)
MERPMultiple Exit Re-entry Permit (Indonesia)
MERPMiddle Earth Roleplaying Project (Oblivion online gaming)
MERPMission Essential Repair Parts
MERPMiddle East Research Program
MERPMonitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Plan (USAID)
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miscalculation or inexperienced staff), after which it was categorised (Table 2) according to the NCC MERP for data analyses.
Looking at the present-on-admission and hospital-acquired AEs together, AEs most commonly had an NCC MERP severity level of F (1,625/3,430 [47.
The patient's history, allergies, primary diagnoses and comorbidities, and treatment plan are also relevant to medication administration (NCC MERP, 2005).
With dollars successfully being delivered through MERP, Danners hopes that is just the first stage of Metis involvement in the energy and resource industry in Saskatchewan.
The need for managing and organising content in a complex multi-format and multi-delivery platform requires an efficient structure provided with an easy interface able to perform the more complex tasks--this is MERP.
NCC MERP developed an Index for Categorizing Medication Errors for determining the outcome or effect of the medication error on the patient.
IVCI medication errors were analyzed based on number of medication errors, type of medication, severity level following the NCC MERP medication error index (severity level C or greater), and clinical location.
Report actual and potential medication errors to the MERP via the web at www.
According to Adreani, the fire district was exercising its rights to choose a lawful HRA, HSA, MERP, employer funded FSA, or any other federally authorized I.
NCC MERP Endex for Categorizing Medication Errors" [accessed on April 6, 2010].
2005; NCC MERP, 2001) and, in some cases, the prescriber (e.
To save money, it might make sense for employers to increase their deductible and then self insure a portion of the risk through an HRA or MERP.