MERPMiddle Earth Role Playing
MERPMedication Error Reporting and Prevention
MERPMedical Expense Reimbursement Plan
MERPMedicaid Estate Recovery Program
MERPMedical Expense Reimbursement Program
MERPMedication Error Reduction Plan
MERPMedical Emergency Response Plan
MERPMobile Enterprise Resource Planning (business technology)
MERPMonash E-Research Portal (Monash University, Australia)
MERPMultiple Exit Re-entry Permit (Indonesia)
MERPMiddle Earth Roleplaying Project (Oblivion online gaming)
MERPMission Essential Repair Parts
MERPMiddle East Research Program
MERPMonitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Plan (USAID)
MERPMedical Evacuation Response Plan
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Looking at the present-on-admission and hospital-acquired AEs together, AEs most commonly had an NCC MERP severity level of F (1,625/3,430 [47.
Other examples of work funded through the MERP include the employment of emergency management coordinators; preparation of Municipal Emergency Management Plans and fire prevention works; the identification of Neighbourhood Safer Places in conjunction with the CFA and to facilitate multi-agency relief exercises.
With dollars successfully being delivered through MERP, Danners hopes that is just the first stage of Metis involvement in the energy and resource industry in Saskatchewan.
The need for managing and organising content in a complex multi-format and multi-delivery platform requires an efficient structure provided with an easy interface able to perform the more complex tasks--this is MERP.
NCC MERP developed an Index for Categorizing Medication Errors for determining the outcome or effect of the medication error on the patient.
Read back should always take place during the process of telephone order communication (Cohen, 1999; AHRQ, 2003; NCC MERP, 2001) and should include verification of whether the medication is intended as a single dose or as a dose range.
Various riders, associated with MERP, Minnesota and Colorado transmission and Minnesota renewable energy, are expected to increase revenue by approximately $50 million to $60 million over 2008 levels.
DEBS has the ability to manage HSA, FSA, MERP (105,C & H), VEBA (Medical SIC) 419.
With the launch of SP1, the Mac BU is addressing the top issues as reported by customers via MERP and other feedback channels.
5 million to NSP-Minnesota, with recommended disallowances for costs associated with NSP-Minnesota's compliance with Minnesota renewable energy requirements, investments in environmental improvements and power plant life extensions through NSP-Minnesota's MERP, and recommended changes in treatment of depreciation costs.
When an issue occurs, MERP gives customers the choice to anonymously communicate data to Microsoft so developers can pinpoint and solve issues that affect users.