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MERRMarine Education, Research and Rehabilitation
MERRMFAS Error (Eastern Research)
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Cira, Emily and Johnny zyHUD131207xmascowan-13; WISHING YOU ALL A MERR MERRY CHRISTMAS: Jo, Ellie, Lauren, Raegon and Katie zyHUD131207xmascowan-16; CHRISTMAS ROCKS: Lucy, Megan, Leon, Chris, Sam and Dan zyHUD131207xmascowan-3; QUALITY NIGHT OUT: Jez, Shill and Greeny zyHUD131207xmascowan-14; HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTHER 21 TODAY
MUSHA MERR, trained by David Loder for Godolphin France, was the subject of plenty of hype before his debut in Sunday's Prix de Glanville at Deauville.