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MERSMortgage Electronic Registration System
MERSMunicipal Employees Retirement System (Michigan)
MERSMobile Emergency Response Support
MERSMicrowave Earth Remote Sensing (Laboratory, Brigham Young University)
MERSMobile Emergency Response System
MERSMarine Expeditionary Rifle Squad
MERSMinimal Essential Requirements
MERSMetropolitan Employment and Rehabilitation Services (St. Louis, MO; Goodwill Industries)
MERSMost Economical Routing Selection
MERSMethod for Estimating the Received Signal
MERSMultifunctional Electromagnetic Radiation System
MERSMultiagency Electronic [Pharmaceutical] Regulatory Submission project
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No vaccine or effective treatment exists against MERS, which spreads from person to person.
However, the Saudi government has declared zero MERS infection among the Hajj pilgrims for the past three years.
Once a MERS PUI was identified, the patient's specimens were transported from the hospital or local public health laboratory to CDPH in Richmond, California, for MERS-CoV testing.
The protein, an antibody named LCA60, seems to latch onto the MERS virus, preventing it from infecting a cell.
Limited data on the clinical presentation of MERS are available; most published clinical information to date is from critically ill patients.
The Mers infection was first reported in 2012 in Saudi Arabia and since then, the WHO has been notified of 1,350 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection worldwide, including 480 deaths.
MERS-CoV surveillance systems must be enhanced and global awareness of MERS and the importance of infection control measures needs to be increased.
Three years after the MERS virus first emerged in humans, there is no cure or vaccine that can protect people from falling sick with it, and little work has been done in develop a vaccine, despite considerable available scientific detail.
According to the WHO, till date globally 1,244 MERS cases have been reported with at least 446 deaths.
MERS is a serious respiratory illness that first emerged in 2012 in Saudi Arabia.
Links to videos, articles and research related to MERS.
The Health Ministry is very concerned about MERS as many Iranians are expected to visit Saudi Arabia for the month of Ramadan, starting in late June.