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MERSAMethicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
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Egypt's al-Youm al-Sabi'i daily newspaper quoted the director of security in Mersa Matruh, Maj.
Mersa Matruh, captured by Rommel on 28 June, was important because its tiny harbor was only a hundred miles behind the front line.
Abd al-Manam Rahwan, director of the company's Electronic Payment Programs for Pensions and Benefits, confirmed that 10,000 cards would soon be available for use at post offices in the Red Sea and Mersa Matruh provinces.
Mubarak meets then Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi at the Egyptian border city of Mersa Matrouh in this October 16, 1989 photo.
Even the five super luxurious resort hotels near Mersa Matruh on the northern coast where a double room can cost upward of $ 250 have very few rooms left.
As Colin Munford noted in his review of VSS activities written for the BAA Memoir on the Association's second fifty years, (68) the numbers of VSS observations were greatly reduced during the war as so many people were involved in war duties, but some variable star estimates were received from unusual places, such as El Alamein and Mersa Matruh during the Western Desert campaign.
Les deux parlementaires Gajmoula Abbi, membre du Bureau politique du Parti du Progres et du Socialisme (PPS) et Hassan Darham, president de la municipalite de Mersa et membre du Bureau politique de l'Union socialiste des forces populaires (USFP) ont de nouveau dementi avoir beneficie d'une licence de peche, suite a une information publiee a ce sujet par le journal [beaucoup moins que]Akhbar Al Youm[beaucoup plus grand que] dans son edition du 8 mars.
The run-offs are being held for individual seats in Al-Qaloubiah, Al-Gharbiah, Al-Daqhalia, North Sinai, South Sinai, Mersa Matrouh, Al-Mina, Al-Wadi, Qina, in addition to six divisions affiliated to the provinces where the previous two rounds of elections were held -- Cairo, Asyut, Aswan, Alexandria and Al-Sharqiah.
A small diameter pipeline from the coastal town of Mersa Fatma has been scoped to bring sea water to the processing site if insufficient volumes of groundwater are identified.
As with the previous atlas, there is an ANZAC connection, with the NZ Railway Operating group of the 2NZEF working the Western Desert Extension Railway from Similla near Mersa Matruh in Egypt westwards to Capuzzo in Libya in 1941-42 (and a branch to the port of El-Salloum in 1946).
In a statement to the press on the sidelines of the French delegation's visit to socio-economic development projects in the cities of Laayun and El Mersa, Cambon, president of the France-Morocco friendship group at the French Senate, noted that this initiative "should be more supported in order to find a final and peaceful solution to the Sahara issue.
On June 27, 1942 south of Mersa Matruh, Egypt, Private Wakenshaw was a member of an anti-tank gun crew when the enemy attacked, killing or seriously wounding all the crew.