MERSEAMarine Environment and Security for the European Area (France)
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It's a short drive to Colchester Zoo and a few minutes the other way are beaches, watersports and crabbing opportunities on Mersea.
Speak admitted 33 charges of causing criminal damage and Lewis nine counts after their New Year's Day rampage through seaside town West Mersea.
Roger Barber, of the Mersea Island vineyard, Essex, said: "Production will be down 40 per cent.
Mr Wingar's wife, Judith, 55, said yesterday that Flora flew away after being taken out of an aviary in the garden of the Wingars' home in West Mersea, Essex.
Panorama heads for Mersea Island in Essex, where an experiment in the 'ultimate recycling' aims to double or triple the amount of rubbish that is separated and sorted for recycling.
Gavin - who completed the mammoth task with Josh Taylor, 24, Alan Morgan, 23, from Mersea Island, Essex, and 24-year-old James Plumley from Guernsey - told how each of the men gathered energy from "somewhere" for the last day's rowing.
WHERE: Cudmore Grove County Park, Bromans Lane, East Mersea, Colchester.
Fisherman John Jowers netted the first-ever catch in waters off West Mersea, Essex, last week.
The resort is a short hop from Maldon, a lovely old coastal town, and not too far away is Mersea Island, but beware, it gets cut off by the tide at certain times of day.
But a black bream eluded him until a wreck-fishing trip from West Mersea, Essex, gave him a crack at a 3lb 7oz specimen that he hopes will be a prize rod winner.
Alison Cotter, 36, bared all in front of colleagues after she attacked the landlady and a customer following a drinking session at the Victory pub in West Mersea, Essex.
Ex-army girl Alison was arrested after the drinking session at The Victory pub in West Mersea, Essex, got out of hand.