MESAMTürkýye Musiký Eserý Sahýplerý Meslek Býrlýðý (Turkish Musical Work Owners Society)
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To put to rest the controversies over who the song belongs to, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism took a step on the issue and demanded information from MESAM about whether the song was anonymous or not.
Sultanbekov, noting that no one from the AK Party had contacted him to ask for permission to use the song, said, "I handed the rights over to the Musical Work Owners Society of Turkey [MESAM] so the legal process should be carried out by MESAM.
Sultanbekov said he had faith in the law and that MESAM will seek his rights within the scope of the law, but since the country is currently in political turmoil, MESAM said it would make a more logical decision after the tension in Turkey has subsided.