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MESCALModern Embedded Systems Compilers Architectures and Languages
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Thirty-somethings flock to this monument to mescal for the relaxed post-work vibe and the chapulines, a snack of salted grasshoppers.
You see more and more mescal in bars; the industry likes it," concurs Jose Hermosillo, founder of Casa Noble Tequila.
Onofre enjoyed the small time before his ordination to sample the pleasures of secular life, having ridden to Santa Fe with a group of cousins on or around his fourteenth birthday, and there visiting the many cantinas and puterios, and having for the extent of his privileged adolescence free access to the casks of wine and mescal kept in the cellar of Don Juan Miguel's hacienda.
Luckily, it comes with mescal, a Mexican liquor, to wash it all down.
Like his protagonist, Lowry also had a drink problem and there is plenty of himself in the shabby diplomat, drowning himself in mescal.
There was one brilliant moment, when Oliver headed to a "swap meet" Mexican market where a stallholder gets him to try mescal root--but fails to tell him it's hallucinogenic.
Perez Cruz estimates that recent mescal production has been about 6 million liters annually, but a large share of that production occurs in small rural communities, where the spirit is intended for local consumption.
In May 1914, Harriman and a small group of followers created the Llano del Rio colony on the former holdings of the Mescal Water and Land Company.
Pulque is one of three archetypical "Mexican" drinks, the others being tequila and mescal.
A documentary source specific to the Embudos site provides further details: "We moved from one "jacal" to another, all being constructed alike of the stalks of the Spanish bayonet and mescal and amole, covered with shreds of blankets, canvas, and other textiles" (Bourke 1980: 476).
I was involved in a study of Malcolm Lowry, whose reputation rests chiefly on his novel Under the Volcano, the story of a former British consul in Mexico whose thirst for arcane knowledge is exceeded only by his craving for mescal and, ultimately, for death.