MESEAMulti-Ethnic Studies: Europe and the Americas (Luxembourg)
MESEAMaine Solar Energy Association
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Native American and European scholars convened at the 2012 MESEA (Society for the Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and America) conference in Barcelona to discuss the ways in which this has been attempted and whether they were exploitive, informative, sustaining or entertaining.
In the afterword to the volume of papers from the first MESEA conference, one of the founders, Bill Boelhower (then of the University of Padua in Italy, now of Louisiana State University), writes of the conference: "The event, of course, was the first step towards the creation of a new European association dedicated to the study of the many ethnic cultures and literatures of the United States from the comparative perspective of our own impelling sense of the new multicultural scene in Europe" (Fischer-Hornung and Raphael-Hernandez 335).
The editors acknowledge this absence as "unfortunate serendipity" (xii), but the MESEA conference held ten years later in 2008 in Leiden on the topic "Migration Matters" was an affront to some scholars of Native American literature who brought to the organizers' attention the fact that of more than seventy panels, only two were devoted to Native American studies.